Health Land has a Location in Srinakarin Near the Airport

Health Land has a location in Srinakarin offering Thai massage and a variety of spa treatments and packages. The Srinakarin area of Bangkok is close to Suvarnabhumi Airport, and nothing invites stress like long-distance travel. 

Having to spend hours in a cramped airline seat and haul luggage through a concourse in time to make your next flight causes untold amounts of stress. Why not make Health Land your first destination upon landing in Bangkok?

Health Land is the perfect place to decompress from your long and arduous journey to Bangkok. From the moment you enter our facility, you’ll forget about the rigours of your journey and start to enjoy the thought of the relaxation you’ll soon be experiencing.

We offer a range of massage and spa treatments that will ease the tension and stress that today’s air travel can cause. But Srinakarin residents will also enjoy the convenience of having a Health Land location right in their own neighbourhood as well.

Ayurvedic and Thai Massage

At Health Land, we offer a large menu of Ayurvedic and Thai massage to choose from, as well as spa treatments that will have you feeling like your old self again. Whether you're a traveller or a resident of this area of Bangkok, Health Land offers a haven of wellness. 

Ayurvedic massage is known and loved around the world. It was developed in India about 3,000 years ago as a philosophy of treating a person holistically, treating the body, mind, and spirit. The philosophy is based on the idea that treating only one facet of a person’s being isn’t doing that person any good. You must treat the entire person to derive any benefit from the treatment.

Ayurvedic massage uses essential oils, aromatherapy, and specialized massage techniques to increase a person's wellness as a whole, and encourage relaxation and a sense of well-being.  

We also are skilled practitioners in the art of traditional Thai massage, which gently stretches your muscles, tendons, and joints.  It relieves aches and pains, whether they're caused by air travel or everyday life.

Our Therapeutic Massage can ease the suffering of chronic back pain, and our Foot Reflexology Massage can put your body back in its natural balance and improve your circulation.

We offer facials, body scrubs, and Thai herbal compresses that target different areas of the body that need attention. And, if you bring a friend along on your visit to Health Land, we offer packages that are designed to treat two people, so you can enjoy the company while you're being pampered.

Whether you’re just getting off a long-distance flight, or you’re a resident of the Srinakarin area, Health Land is a destination that should be on everyone’s schedule. 

Nearby: Suvarnabhumi Airport, Novotel Bangkok Bangna

Address :  70/21 Moo 2, Sirnakarin Rd., Nongbon, Phawat, Bangkok 10260
Telephone :  +66 (0) 2748 8135 , +66 (0) 2748 8136-9 , +66 (0) 2746 5376-8 , +66 (0) 86 341 9631
Fax :  +66 (0) 2398 6062

Business Hours :  9:00 a.m. – 11 p.m. (Mon-Sun)