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Health Land Spa & Massage, the land of health and wellness,
where art and science of traditional Thai wellness harmoniously combine.
Established as an institute to inherit and promote local wisdom
of traditional Thai massage to become widely recognized and
well-accepted through our professional and pleasurable services.


About Health Land

For over twenty years, Health Land has been offering Bangkok residents a wide range of spa treatments including traditional Thai massage.

Thailand is known throughout the world for several facts of its rich, colourful, and ancient culture. The warmth of its people, the vibrancy of its cuisine, and the ancient practice of Thai massage are among the most famous.

This practice dates back some 2.500 years to when the rise of Buddhism was taking place in Thailand. Shivago Komapaj, Buddha's physician, is said to have created the practice. This type of massage focuses on stretching the muscles continuously, slowly stretching the muscles, joints, and tendons until you reach a state of relaxation.

The practice has changed little since its creation. It can be a vigorous type of massage, depending on the customer’s preference. All massage therapists at Health Land practicing traditional massage are thoroughly trained and certified.

This means that when you request a traditional Thai massage at any of the Health Land locations you can be sure that you will experience an authentic, traditional massage.

Visit the nearest Health Land today to experience a favourite facet of Thailand.