Health Land has a Location in the Heart of Sathorn

Health Land has a location on Sathorn Road that provides massage therapy and spa packages designed to increase your level of wellness.

The area of Sathorn is the heart of Bangkok’s financial and business district. Every day, tens of thousands of people toil away in the tall, gleaming towers along Sathorn Road, making expensive decisions that affect the health of the company they work for. 

Workers like these are under a lot of stress, and no place relieves the stress of the modern world like Health Land.

Visit a Health Land and, from the moment you walk in, a certain calmness comes over you as contemplate the pleasures awaiting you. Health Land offers a wide range of spa packages and massage. Each one is designed to rid you of the stress that working under pressure for a large company can cause in your life.

The Magic of Ayurveda

Ayurveda was developed in India around 3,000 years ago. The philosophy behind it is one of holistic treatment, treating the mind and spirit as well as the body. By using various combinations of massage techniques, aromatherapy, essential oils, and other tools, a heightened level of wellness and serenity can be reached.

After undergoing an Ayurvedic massage, people feel blissful and relaxed. Their mind attains a clarity that was missing in their life. Their circulation is improved and they are better able to handle the stress of their everyday work environment. An Ayurvedic massage can make true believers out of people who were looking for some relief from their stress.

If you’ve never delved into the world of Ayurveda, it’s well worth doing for the contentment and increased energy levels it can offer.

Massage and Other Spa Treatments

Health Land also offers a wide range of massage and other spa treatments that will address other areas of your body. Our Foot Reflexology Massage targets the reflex areas in your feet that control the 'chi' of the body. It also can relieve stress, improve circulation in the body, and make you more relaxed.

Trained therapists perform health Land's Therapeutic Massage. This massage is used to target problem areas of the body and afflictions like chronic back pain.

We are also qualified experts in the art of traditional Thai massage. This ancient practice can ease aches and pains over much of the body by gently stretching and massaging your muscles, tendons, and joints. A traditional Thai massage is a perfect antidote for overexerted muscles due to over-strenuous exercise. It also can improve your circulation as well as your posture.

Our Packages

We offer all our treatments both as stand-alone services and in packages of multiple services that allow you to devote yourself to hours of pampering by our trained therapists.

If you want to bring a loved one or friend along with you on your visit to Health Land, we also offer packages that are designed to be enjoyed by two persons.

The Sathorn location of Health Land can ease the stresses and strains that the business world puts on its workers. Make a visit to Health Land a regular part of your wellness programme to ensure you’re performing your job at the peak of your abilities.

Nearby: The Embassy of Union of Myanmar, Mother Spiritual Museum, H Art Gallery, Lumpini Park, Silom walking Street, Mahanakorn Building

Address :  120 North Sathorn Rd., Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Telephone :  +66 (0) 2637 8883 , +66 (0) 86 341 9632
Fax :  +66 (0) 2634 5353

Business Hours :  9:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. (Mon-Sun)