Ayurvedic & Wellness Packages

Purify Me

Abyanga - Shiro Dhara - Steam Bath - Shower - Refreshments

Health Land Wellness and Ayurvedic Centre encourages our guests to take their spa experience to another level. Moving beyond mere relaxation, these treatments focus specifically on your wellbeing as we help you harmonize the many different elements that affect your health: environmental, emotional and spiritual. Three hours of pure bliss relax the senses and invigorate your body from head to toe.

180 Mins     3,500 Baht

Rejuvenate Me

Abyanga - Shiro Dhara - Shower - Refreshments

The complex processes of the human body are interrelated and influenced by the external environment. When imbalances occur, internally or externally, many types of disease can develop. This programme involves a holistic approach that focuses on treating the whole body, rather than just specific symptoms. The goal of this rejuvenation package is to slow down, stop, or reverse signs of premature aging.

150 Mins     2,950 Baht

Back Pain Treatment

Abyanga - Special Back Pain Treatment - Shower - Refreshments

The aim of this program is to promote overall spinal health - treating existing spinal conditions and preventing potential problems in the future. A special Ayurvedic massage with a herbal bolus and Kati Vasthi (warm medicated oil treatment) are included in the program.

150 Mins     2,700 Baht

Body Mind & Spirit

Abyanga - Shirobyanga - Shiro Dhara - Shower - Refreshments

Relax and unwind in the calm, tranquil environment of Health Land. The stresses and pressures of everyday life can greatly strain a person, both physically and mentally, and it is important for healthy living to escape these stresses and replenish your inner energy. Our BMS package helps you to manage and reduce your stress with a combination of treatments and activities that balance and relax the body, mind and spirit.

180 Mins     3,700 Baht

Relax Me

Shirobyanga - Shiro Dhara - Shower - Refreshments

A shorter version of BMS, this treatment offers guests with relaxing benefits of both head massage and shiro dhara.

120 Mins     2,700 Baht

Enerzige Me

Abyanga - Shirobyanga - Shower - Refreshments

Recharge your vital organs with aged old Ayurvedic abyanga massage followed by relaxing head massage.

120 Mins     2,000 Baht